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"No…" said gigging shyly. She bit her lip and looked up at her beloved Naerwen "it’s different, is it? I feel different" said smiling.

Aldara watched her feet in the pavement while she was stil thiking about how ignorant she went. She might had read a lot of things and learn things with the experience but it was clear she was really naive, even after a war. But what worried her more was that the subject she had to learn more about it was love, and being in a relationship and not knowing about love more than what she felt, wasn’t that good.

"Excuse me?" asked raising her gaze to look at her friend "I’m fine, just thinking about…" she bit her lip sighing "about how much I have to learn about everything but most of all how much I have to learn about, love".

Wen laughed, not cruelly, but more stunned. “Dara, that’s not possible. You know a great deal about love. You fought for the love of your country. You moved in to take care of me out of the love that is friendship; and in return let me take care of you. You left school for the love of family. There are many more types of love than romantic, darling. Just because you may not know much about one type of love doesn’t mean you don’t know the others.” 

"There are very few I can name that love like you do, Dara.Trust me, you know plenty." Wen assured her, wrapping her arm around her best friend’s shoulder.

Naerwen was right, she knew quite a lot about love and she knew it, but not romantic love. She was like a child in that subject “you have reason, I know about those types of love but I don’t know anything about romantic love and that’s really important” explained sadly “I’ve always seen my parents professing their love for each other” she smiled fondly at the memories of them “my father always greeted my mother saying ‘good morning of my life’ and I even saw them kiss” said laughing “and I think that’s true love but I don’t know anything about it. I haven’t talked with my mother about those things and now that I’m with Luca” her cheeks turned red “I don’t know if I’m doing things right or if it’s true love. I’m scared” confessed in a whisper.

“Everyone shows love differently, Dara. Just because you don’t show it like your parents did, doesn’t mean that you’re wrong. It doesn’t make it any less true.” Wen explained gently.

Wen herself remembered her own parents being very affectionate with each other before they died. And while she was just as affectionate, she didn’t get many chances to show it because Alex was frequently gone. But that didn’t change her feelings for him. Wen still loved Alex very much.

“I know you’re frightened, dear. It’s a big change, and that is always scary. But trust me, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m here for you, ok?”