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<b> </b> "Well aren't you sweet?"<p><b></b> "The stars look especially lovely tonight."<p><b></b> "I've never seen such gorgeous eyes before."<p><b></b> "May I have this dance?"<p><b></b> "I can't stop thinking about you."<p><b></b> "Let's build a pillow fort together and eat marshmallows in it!"<p><b></b> "Want to play a game?"<p><b></b> "Let's play tag!"<p><b></b> "Stop being so cute!"<p><b></b> "Let's get to know each other over dinner."<p><b></b> "All I want is snuggles and kisses."<p><b></b> "Let's go to the park and have a picnic!"<p><b></b> "Let's just enjoy the day."<p><b></b> "Want to watch the sunset with me?"<p><b></b> "The sunset looks absolutely beautiful."<p><b></b> "I don't think anyone could ever be as lovely as you my dear."<p><b></b> "You look incredible in that."<p><b></b> "It's quite stunning, isn't it?"<p><b></b> "These flowers, I got them just for you."<p><b></b> "Would you like to dance with me?"<p><b></b> "Do you believe in love at first sight?"<p><b></b> "I think I'm in love."<p><b></b> "You're the best friend I ever had."<p><b></b> "Could you ever consider us as more than just friends?"<p><b></b> "I want this to never end..."<p><b></b> "Can I kiss you?"<p><b></b> "I want to kiss you..."<p><b></b> "Never have I felt this way about anyone before."<p><b></b> "A fairytale with a happy ending always brings a smile to my face."<p><b></b> "Just being next to you is electrifying."<p><b></b> "Sometimes I just can't control myself when around you."<p><b></b> "Let's dance!"<p><b></b> "I want to hear you sing."<p><b></b> "Let me sing for you."<p><b></b> "I could never leave you, I love you too much!"<p><b></b> "I'll always be right by your side to protect you."<p><b></b> "You'll never feel alone with me by your side."<p><b></b> "I want to always protect you."<p><b></b> "Is it possible to love too much?"<p>
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» :a future event my character would like to happen with them + yours ~AJ




"Lyssa, please. Stop fussing. I’m trying to get the pins in." Wen begged as she sat at her friend’s feet.

"But Wen…" The Princess groaned.

"I know. I know you hate dresses, dear. But this is a very big day! Don’t worry. By the time I’m finished, even you will love it." The brunette answered.

With another groan and a pout, the Princess stood still and her friend worked in silence for a few moments. Both girls’ minds raced with thoughts of anticipation, apprehension, and excitement.

"There. All finished. Let me help you out of it." Naerwen said standing up. After the dress had been removed, the Prophetess could help but grin mischievously.

"See, I told you so."

“That’s why we planned like we all did, darling. Leaking a false date, time, and location that he was sure to find while closely guarding and keeping secret the real ones. Keeping the planning quiet and private; only having those who needed to know in on it all. Limiting the number of guests only to family and very few friends. Having knights guard everything. We’ve taken every conceivable precaution against the Hurtzlers, dear. Lucy tells me that the spies told her they took the bait and were caught in the trap waiting there. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. I hear that Queen Susan is already planning another ceremony for the whole Kingdom after the importers are defeated once and for all.”

Wen giggled softly to herself as her eyes emailed focused on her expert stitching. “Don’t worry, Lyssa. That’s why Peter leads. Just follow what he does. His sister the Gentle had had him under strict dancing lessons with her and their mother so he’d be prepared.”

Putting down her needle and walking over to the Princess, the Lady took her shoulders. “Alyssa, Peter would never run. You know that. Your won’t embarrass him, or anyone. No one will hate anyone else. Your haven’t heard what I’ve heard amongst the Narnians. All they care about, all they’ve ever carted about, is your happiness. Yours and his both. If course you were happy! I’d be concerned if you weren’t. I see how you feel about each other. You’re worrying over nothing. High King Peter loves you. All these data Anna doubts are your imagination. Products of your mind because you feel you do not deserve him. But you do. It’s all in your head and you have to stop listening to that and listen to your heart.”

“He loves you, Lyssa. I know you love him as well. That’s all that matters.”

"Bram has ways. Jacen finds me… no matter where I go. It’s like I have a bug or something on my person. But I do appreciate all the precautions everyone is taking for us. What if they have our plan figured out and are sitting in the trap waiting to exact a more extravagant plan?" She breathed running her hand through her hair tiredly.

"Bless Susan…. she is so amazing. I don’t know if there would be a ceremony if she did not lend us a hand with the planning…" AJ added with a smile.

With an impish grin she added, “I guess I will have to just have to learn to let him take the lead. But truthfully between the two of us, I struggle with letting others give the orders.” She tried not to giggle thinking about repressing some of her strong will in order to follow a man’s lead.

"That is another reason I owe Su," AJ chuckled imagining Susan pushing Peter into dancing lessons.

"At least one of us will be prepared," she added.

"My happiness?" She stammered in surprise. Her eyes widened incredibly as  she mauled over the word for a few moments. She nearly began to sob. Why should the Narnians care about her happiness? AJ wasn’t a native of the kingdom but yet, she had grown to love, adore, and respect it and it’s inhabitants.

"Peter’s happiness will always be a priority of mine," she assured Wen with absolute certainty.

Then with barely audible tone she answered,” that is it! I could never ever deserve him. He is so amazing, patient, kind, considerate, and respectful. I could go on for the rest of eternity bragging about his qualities…”

She pulled Wen into a nervous hug. “Why am I always so childish? What would I do without you to keep my head on straight?” 


“There’s no way they could know, dear. I promise. And I doubt they’ll be escaping Aslan’s trap anytime soon.”

“She knows how important this is to you.” Wen beamed. “Besides, it’s not like the Queen Susan could have her brother and best friend marry without some kind of ceremony, even if it is just a very small one for now.”

“It’s not a battle for dominance, Lyssa. It’s just a dance. A few moments and then it’s over. And anyway, a constant battle for dominance is far from a real relationship. Love is give and take. Push and pull. You know that you and Peter will be equals, and he’d only ever use his title over you if he had no other choice.”

“Stop that.” Wen ordered softly. “You’re listening to your head again. What does your heart tell you?”

Giggling, Wen hugged her back. “You seemed to fare pretty well on your own before you met me.”

“I’m never drinking again.” modern AJ





"I warned you not to have that much." Wendy gently reminded. "Just because the waiter offers wine and liquor doesn’t mean you have to take it."

"No…no kiddding," AJ grumbled, leaning her head against the bowl of the porcelain throne.

"Why didn’t you… you stop me?" AJ panted in question, as she attempted to keep her dignity in tact.



"I tried, Lyssa." Wendy told her as she ran her hand across her friend’s forehead, making sure all her hair was out of the way in case she threw up. "After the second glass. I told you two was enough and three would only make you sick. But you made a scene and we had to leave the restaurant."

AJ sputtered and attempted to swallow back the unpleasant and burning stuff raising in the back of her throat.

'I thought it…it was funny tasting Kool-aide…..” AJ groaned, cradling her stomach.

"Is that why….why my knu…knuckles hu…hurt? Did I really try to stuff….a hundred dollar bill down someones throat and climb on a chair- like the reports say?" (i saw this on a tv show and thought it would be funny to use)

"Urghhh," she slurred, her stomach wrenching forcefully.


Taking her own hair down, Wendy expertly put the pretty stick into AJ’s hair, twisting and weaving it into an intricate updo that not a single strand would fall from. “I’m afraid so. Though the claim that you started dancing on the table or the bar is of course ridiculous, not to mention a dreadful lie. You might want to apologize to the poor waiter, though, dear. You did give him quite the fright when he cut you off. You tried shoving the money down his throat so he’d give you another.”

“Stay there. I’ll be right back.” The brunette told her friend, wiping the sweat away with a rag. Moments later, Wendy returned with a warm cup of herbal tea. “Drink this, Lyssa. It will help your stomach settle. My mother swore by it whenever the kids or I got sick.”

Placing the cup near her friend, Wendy kneeled back down again. “Do you want me to tell Dara and the others to go home? They’ll understand. I didn’t want to have a bachelorette party anyway. If you want, you can stay the night and I’ll take care of you.”

I hear him before I see him. I hear the raspy, quick rushes of his lungs. He is panting like he just ran a marathon. Then I smell the sweat on him, a clean musky scent that I’d bottle and wear as perfume if I could. I open my eyes. Adam has closed his. But the lids are puffy and pink, so I know what he’s been doing. Is that why he went away? To cry without my seeing? He doesn’t so much sit in the chair as fall into it, like clothes heaped onto the floor at the end of a long day. He covers his face with his hands and takes deep breaths to steady himself. After a minute, he drops his hands into his lap. “Just listen,” he says with a voice that sounds like shrapnel. I open my eyes wide now. I sit up as much as I can. And I listen. “Stay.

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If you’ve ever doubted yourself, walk deep into any forest. Notice how the trees still stand even though they are given no recognition. Walk along any stream. The water still flows, though no one stops to praise it. Watch the stars late at night; they shine without acknowledgment. Humans are just the same. We are made out of the same elements as these beautiful wonders. Always remember your beauty and self worth. 

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Wen watched, aghast as the Lord ravaged her neat little piles. No regard for her space was observed. A pout tugged at her lips as the unfinished insult was tossed her way. Wen may not have been very smart, but she was by no means stupid. And it hurt to be called such so…

The girl was so absorbed in her reading that she didn’t even realize that the Lord was gone. It was only the disdainful grunt of the old Faun that free her attention upward away from the pages. Shock filled her as her head angled slightly.

That face… Why did it seem familiar somehow? It couldn’t be, could it? No, Naerwen didn’t know any Fauns, did she? But still, as she continued to watch him, she was convinced that she remembered if not him, then a Faun very like him. Bits and pieces of memory danced before her. A soft hand guiding timid steps. Kind eyes and a warm smile. Deep booming laughter… Looking back to her book, Naerwen shook her head. She had to be mistaken. It must have been the influence of the books, making her think she remembered. Yes, that was it. The books. The books had given her a false memory somehow. All she knew was the castle she awoke in, Aslan, and the attack on her village.

Just as she was able to convince herself that she was mistaken, Naerwen jumped nearly out of her skin. Restimar’s sudden, and loud, rewritten had startled her. After shooting him a dark look, the girl reached for the volume he so unceremoniously dumped before her. The moment her fingers touched it, her eyes widened and heat thundered.

She didn’t even need to read it to know what it was. She began to feel sick. No, this was a joke. It couldn’t be. Pushing herself away from the book of fairy tales, away from the Tale of the Slumbering Maiden, Naerwen swallowed thickly. Her fingers idly sought out her hair, her dress, and each other; anything to cleave to to keep her grounded in reality. Finally she nodded. Yes, she knew it well.

Adeodatus, Naerwen’s Faun friend/guardian.