Wen watched, aghast as the Lord ravaged her neat little piles. No regard for her space was observed. A pout tugged at her lips as the unfinished insult was tossed her way. Wen may not have been very smart, but she was by no means stupid. And it hurt to be called such so…

The girl was so absorbed in her reading that she didn’t even realize that the Lord was gone. It was only the disdainful grunt of the old Faun that free her attention upward away from the pages. Shock filled her as her head angled slightly.

That face… Why did it seem familiar somehow? It couldn’t be, could it? No, Naerwen didn’t know any Fauns, did she? But still, as she continued to watch him, she was convinced that she remembered if not him, then a Faun very like him. Bits and pieces of memory danced before her. A soft hand guiding timid steps. Kind eyes and a warm smile. Deep booming laughter… Looking back to her book, Naerwen shook her head. She had to be mistaken. It must have been the influence of the books, making her think she remembered. Yes, that was it. The books. The books had given her a false memory somehow. All she knew was the castle she awoke in, Aslan, and the attack on her village.

Just as she was able to convince herself that she was mistaken, Naerwen jumped nearly out of her skin. Restimar’s sudden, and loud, rewritten had startled her. After shooting him a dark look, the girl reached for the volume he so unceremoniously dumped before her. The moment her fingers touched it, her eyes widened and heat thundered.

She didn’t even need to read it to know what it was. She began to feel sick. No, this was a joke. It couldn’t be. Pushing herself away from the book of fairy tales, away from the Tale of the Slumbering Maiden, Naerwen swallowed thickly. Her fingers idly sought out her hair, her dress, and each other; anything to cleave to to keep her grounded in reality. Finally she nodded. Yes, she knew it well.

Adeodatus, Naerwen’s Faun friend/guardian.

I just wanna go on more adventures. Be around good energy. Connect with people. Learn new things. Grow. —(via leavelikemysanity)

Faerie Fire Oil


Used to work with Fire Elementals. 

Faerie Fire Oil I

  • 1 garnet, crushed
  • 1 dram dragon’s blood oil
  • coriander seeds
  • 1 dram almond oil (as carrier) 

Faerie Fire Oil II 

  • 12 drops peach
  • 4 drops musk
  • 2 drops chamomile
  • 2 drops poppy
  • 5 drops ylang-ylang
  • 2 drops dragon’s blood

"I’m pregnant and it’s yours." ((pregnancy specific starter sentences; modern-AU because I can))




"I don’t think it works that way." Wendy told her friend, confused. {{Bahahahaha}}

Raising a delicately arched eyebrow at him, Wendy placed her hands on her hips. “Do I look like I know anything about weed? Besides, hemp is good for so many more things than getting high.”

Hesitant but reluctantly intrigued, she bit her lip for a moment. “How graphic and gory is it? That last one you showed me had me throwing up. I couldn’t even think about it for over a week or I’d get sick.”

Unwrapping the bar of chocolate, their gaze never leaving the sweet that was the reason for their stomach growling, Ryouma said, “Well, you don’t look stupid, so I merely made the assumption you’d know what weed is. Guess I was wrong.” They took a bite of the bar. “That’s a first.”

Now because they were inside Wendy’s home, you’d expect a bit of courtesy. But not Ryouma. Fingers smeared with chocolate, they hoisted themselves atop the kitchen counter, and I’m very ashamed to say that they didn’t bother taking off their shoes.

"Worse than the last but better than the first I showed you. What? Chicken?"

“Of course I know what it is, I’m not a total shut in, you know. But just because I know what Marijuana is, it doesn’t mean I know what being high feels like. No more than I know what it is to be drunk just because I know of beer.”

Siding slightly, Wendy shook her head. By this point, she knew to wait until her friend had gone before throne to clean.

“I don’t know which of them was worse.” The young woman answered skeptically, with a disgusted wary look in her eyes. “Anyway, I’ve got to get ready for work. Maybe next time?”

“I’m never drinking again.” modern AJ



"I warned you not to have that much." Wendy gently reminded. "Just because the waiter offers wine and liquor doesn’t mean you have to take it."

"No…no kiddding," AJ grumbled, leaning her head against the bowl of the porcelain throne.

"Why didn’t you… you stop me?" AJ panted in question, as she attempted to keep her dignity in tact.



"I tried, Lyssa." Wendy told her as she ran her hand across her friend’s forehead, making sure all her hair was out of the way in case she threw up. "After the second glass. I told you two was enough and three would only make you sick. But you made a scene and we had to leave the restaurant."


Science and Conservation Groups Seek Endangered Status for the Monarch Butterfly

This morning (8/27/14), the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation joined the Center for Biological Diversity and Center for Food Safety (co-lead petitioners) and renowned monarch scientist Dr. Lincoln Brower to file a legal request with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service seeking Endangered Species Act protection for the monarch butterfly.

The number of monarchs has declined by more than 90 percent in less than two decades. The population has declined from a recorded high of approximately 1 billion butterflies in the mid-1990s to only 35 million butterflies last winter, the lowest number ever recorded, a drop that Lincoln Brower describes as “a deadly free fall.”

During the same period it is estimated that these butterflies have lost more than 165 million acres of habitat—an area about the size of Texas—including nearly a third of their summer breeding grounds…

(read more: The Xerces Society)



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“I’m never drinking again.” modern AJ

"I warned you not to have that much." Wendy gently reminded. "Just because the waiter offers wine and liquor doesn’t mean you have to take it."

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